make email link html

If you receive a message supposedly from one of chocolade maken van rauwe cacao my addresses with any sort of attachment and no prior approval, it is bogus and possibly a virus.
It's the recipient's email program that says, "Oh, this looks like a URL.
URL, or breaking long URLs into multiple pieces.
Must be rich text email format.Goldwasser, author of 99 of the consumer electronics and appliance repair guides, related testing and information documents, assorted schematics, and Sam's Laser FAQ.Then go to "Advanced Groups Search".19 The multipart type is intended to show the same content in different ways, but this is sometimes abused; some email spam takes advantage of the format to trick spam filters into believing that the message is legitimate."The Ascii Ribbon Campaign official homepage".It allows in-line inclusion of images, tables, as well as diagrams or mathematical formulae as images, which are otherwise difficult to convey (typically using.It only works in email programs and interfaces that provide this kind of functionality.The plain text version may be missing important formatting information, however.

What will normally happen is you'll be presented with a small dialog box into which you can paste that URL.
Spam filters check for clickable links.
For this reason, some email clients do not load external images until requested to by the user.
They do this by including innocuous content in the text part of the message and putting the spam in the html part (that which is displayed to the user).They may have to take additional steps to say, "Yes, email from this person is OK or "Yes, I realize that this email has links.Even if no special formatting is used, there will be the overhead from the tags used in a minimal html document, and if formatting is heavily used it may be much higher.16 For multipart emails with html and plain-text versions, that means listing the plain-text version first and the html version after it, otherwise the client may default to showing the plain-text version even though an html version is available.Try resending it with a different reply address.Html Email: Whenever Possible, Turn It Off!

OK, what happens is your email program (in this rich-text format) uses the html markup to actually create a clickable link.
"Why we need standards support in html email".
For more information on usenet newsgroups, see the document: "Troubleshooting of Consumer Electronic Equipment" or the chapter of Sam's Laser FAQ: "Laser Information Resources".