make exercise fun

Join a softball, basketball, or soccer team.
Play a game by flexing your abs, butt, or arms each time you get into your car or stop at a red light.
You'll feel a sense of accomplishment because you pushed yourself just a little further.Stand on Your Head Get a new perspective while gaining balance and control.Multitask Try doing squats while brushing your teeth.While food can be a reward every once in a while, it should not be the go-to.Disclaimer: The links and mentions duplo korting bart smit on this site may be affiliate links.We can do the same thing with exercise and assign additional value to it by making it a currency for fun activities.Check for classes in your area.Make a Pre-Workout Checklist, your pre-workout checklist should include a few things.Its typically just a matter of time before wehkamp cadeaubon waar te koop you fall off the wagon yet again.

One of the most common excuses for not exercising.
The general attitude is this: I can go to work nine to five and go to the gym for an hour afterward and its all good.
Laugh Lighten up and get some health benefits at the same time.For example, making sure your music player is charged ahead of time, filling up your water bottle, laying out your cute and comfortable workout clothes, preparing the equipment youll need, etc.Outside, try hiking, swimming, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, or kayaking.They know that they can exchange money for the things they want.There is a huge amount of untapped power in these types of lazy leisure activities.

These rituals include brushing our teeth, walking the dog, making coffee, etc So when it comes to exercise, why do so many of us struggle with consistency?
If you want to figure out how to make exercise fun, having a buddy will help.
If you dont want to buy a vest, you can also throw on a knapsack full of books, as it will add more resistance to what youre doing.