I'll increase my Distance value to 30px and iphone 6 cadeau the Size to 40px, but these two values depend a lot on the size of your image so you may need to play around with them on your own to find the settings that work best: The.
Go up to the.
Here you can easily generate cool text-images from almost any picture you have on your computer.
I usually create all my vector icons in Adobe Illustrator.Added Windows application.As you can assume, your icons can be resized to any size you want, you can easily change their color and even apply any CSS3 effects or animations like you would do on any text.You can choose as many icons as you want from different icon sets that are available.Once youre logged in, click.Choose, solid Color from the top of the list that appears: Selecting a Solid Color Fill layer.Here, after adding a drop shadow to the letters, is my final "image in text" result: The final effect.Layers panel, idee cadeau original nantes you'll see the image sitting on the.And because the Fill layer is sitting above both of our image layers, the document is now temporarily filled with white: The image is temporarily hidden by the Fill Layer.With the image newly opened, if you look in your.

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If you want to resize the type without distorting the original shapes of the letters, hold down your Shift key as you drag any of the four corner handles.
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Or visit our Text Effects or Photo Effects sections for more Photoshop effects tutorials!Or, press CtrlT (Win) / CommandT (Mac) on your keyboard to select Free Transform with the shortcut: Going to Edit Free Transform This places the Free Transform box and handles (the little squares) around the text.Additionally, this new method is very well supported by all major browsers.Step 1: Duplicate The Background Layer.However, there are at least a couple of problems I have regularly dealt with in my work when I used icons as regular images: Size, i had to create many different sized versions of the same icon which is inefficient and time consuming.And there we have it!

Step 13: Resize And Reposition The Text All that's left to do now is to move and resize the type, and we can do both of those things using Photoshop's Free Transform command.
We dont need to explain anymore what a hamburger icon means or what this one stands for.
Photoshop creates a copy of the layer, names it "Layer 1 and places it directly above the Background layer: A copy of the layer appears above the original.