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Despite the fact that my body is now closer to wearing pre-pregnant clothes than maternity wear, Im covered in milk all the time, so Im trying to spare my pre-pregnancy things from milk stains.
Thrifting is often great for finding basics a striped tee, a blend-into-the-background pair of jeans, a coat for when its cold and you just need something.
Contrary to popular how to make pie chart illustrator belief, babies really dont need that much and what they do need can be thrifted!For a blogger billing myself as building a stylishly edited closet from thrift store finds emphasis on the edited I could see myself feeling a bit embarrassed to be paying someone else to help me sort through my closet.But its also great to feel like taking 5 extra minutes in the morning or just being intentional with the five minutes I have can give me that unexpected boost of being ready to face the world.Schuhe zum Verlieben, die Neuheiten der Saison, hier lohnt sich Shoppen.Vinegar diluted with water is also a good way to wash baby furniture, toys, etc.All of the material on The Key To Chic is copyrighted and protected by law, and shall not be rewritten, republished, or reproduced in any medium without written permission.For example, I shouldve left this polyester number on the rack; the poor quality fabric made it look less fun-and-funky and more disappointing-flea-market find (you know, the kind of flea market that turns out to be all junky imported fast fashion instead of vintage finds.

This luminous gray, academy Blazer by Banana Republic, size 8: I had convinced myself that I could go without a gray blazer because I had found so many that were off in some way not the right gray, not the right cut, with clownishly wide.
(Let me know in the comments if you want instructions on how to use.) But creating a My Style Favorites collection made me realize I have a problem: my favorite clothes are the ones I have the least opportunity to wear.
Plus it often feels either too hot (all of summer) or too cold (most of fall/winter) for fitted skirts, and Im not a fan of layering skirts over leggings to compensate for the cold (too many things trying to cut how to make tequila sunrise at home me off in the middle!).
When I was newly pregnant with #2 I nabbed this replacement for 10 at a local thrift store.
In other words, the pieces that fill a hole in your wardrobe without standing out by a mile.I will be on the hunt for a chambray base layer to replicate this in non-maternity fashion.But when Im at the Goodwill/browsing Poshmark and find a great 3/4-sleeve blazer or a fantastic ankle-length patterned pant, I find I have just about zero justification for adding to the part of my wardrobe thats already the most populated.So many people donate baby goods (toys, gear, clothes) in great condition precisely because they either buy or receive so much baby accoutrement that they dont end up using; their excess can be your gain!I once attended an event rather underdressed and let the sense of dis-ease I felt prevent me from connecting with other attendees, only to have a mentor (also my boss at the time) remind me that I can do anything in flip flops (yes,.They are one of the few retail items in my wardrobe (though they were a gift from my sister) and I am glad to be getting so much wear out of them.Borrowing from friends or searching your local Freecycle/Everythings Free in Insert Your Town Name Here group are also great options to try out gear with zero financial investment.The skinny cords look black in the photo but the true color is closer to this blue-gray: Heres everything, backup maker altogether: Thoughts My goals for this 1010 were to try out some new-to-me silhouettes and break out some as yet unworn items in my maternity capsule.It is girly without being so called 2Typical teenage girl fragrance" IMO.Octmami is a Chinese brand (Oct is short for October, the 10th month, since pregnancy technically lasts 10 monthsoy, so long!) and from what I could find online, its generally pretty decent quality.

Im thinking about how to bring some more print or textured depth into my pants blazer game so I dont just look like a giant color block: I call this look (styled by my preschooler) Watermelon Referee Ive already stuck my toe back into patterned.
I must say i like.