What is my shelter plan?
Step 4: Practice your plan with your family/household.
If you wash and store them properly, lettuce can stay fresh for up to a week, and herbs can last for up to two weeks.
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Homemaking Tip cadeau 6 jarige dochter #78: Keep Your Home Company Ready Develop a plan to not only keep my home more organized but to be able to get your home ready for guests on very little notice.Homemaking Tip #76: Purge Your Closet Take simple steps to easily purge your closet.Make a plan today.Homemaking Tip #12: Shine Your Sink If housekeeping is a challenge this little victory can make all the difference.Homemaking Tip #41: Use Toilet Paper Tubes to Keep Wrapping Paper Under Control This bathroom staple can help keep those rolls of wrapping paper neat and tidy.If you and your spouse are currently both working outside of the home (or even if you are stay-at-home, but are struggling to keep up here are ideas to help you stay sane.Homemaking Tip #36: Remove that Little Bit of Eggshell No matter how hard you try, it happens.Homemaking Tip #5: How to Get Things Done with Children.Homemaking Tip #50: You Can Create a Beautiful Home Stop wishing for that perfect home look around and realize you already have it now just do your best to make it as beautiful as you can with the money, time and resources that you have. .Homemaking Tip #37: Peel 20 Cloves of Garlic in 20 Seconds This is the ultimate garlic tip!

Households with school-aged children, step 3: Fill out a Family Emergency Plan.
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Homemaking Tip #42: Freeze Batter for Later Three ways to freeze your batter to make sure you have rave results three days, three weeks, or three months down the road.
Homemaking Tip #9: Press Here to Lock End.Homemaking Tip #15: How to make Inexpensive NO SEW Roman Shades Turn a basic curtain into a beautiful roman shade in just a few simple steps!Homemaking Tip #60: Volume Conversion Cheat Sheet It may seem like elementary math, but knowing volumetric conversions could save you time, energy and frustration looking for unnecessary measuring devices when the one in your hand will already.You find a little piece of eggshell left behind.Whats your favorite way to pit a cherry?Homemaking Tip #61: Unclog Your Drains Naturally This tip is not only natural but also cheap and easy.

Homemaking Tip #64: Easy and Reusable Static Cloth No sewing involved with this quick and easy tip.