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Really, all our shirts fit this category, so it's hard pulling out just a few.
We offer Men's and Women's styles, and also a Hoodie option.Be it make a wish foundation international How I Met Your Mother's famous line "I Just Awesomed All Over the Place" or Seinfeld's made-up holiday "Festivus for the Rest of Us we've turned some of TV's funniest lines into the funniest t shirts! Then place a book above the the pocket (or anything that has a flat base) and let it dry for about half an hour.We know there are no Dressing Rooms when dataio korting You are Buying Wholesale Apparel on the Internet.How about an "I'm Not Santa But You Can Sit in My koffie maken met koffiemaker Lap" shirt?Our "ALA" featured prices, as a courtesy to our customer, selects the lowest priced color available in the display item, usually White, then Displays.No Exceptions and No excuses!Out of Stock items are removed from your order, credited to your card prior to running your payment.

Washing drying PRE-shrunk: Industry Standard is that each manufacturer's garment, while pre-shrunk in its own way, will still shrink 4-8 depending on your washing and drying techniques.
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Youth XL and Adult Small can expect near the same cut with one exception, body length.5 inches.It is easy for us to determine exactly what your shortage was.Be it balls or beavers, smart asses or dumb shits, we have all the shirts you'll ever need to land you in bed with that hot babe you've always wanted; Or behind bars with a rap sheet.Sure, a lot of them are borderline rude - "I'm Not a Proctologist But I Know an Asshole When I See One" might earn you a kick in the butt from some.Quality We only stock 1st quality products.Standard Chest Sizes Measurements.The customer becomes fully responsible for their product once UPS lets go of it at your Door or Gate or Window, etc.Once we receive your faxed speed form.Why do we play!Once you've selected your style, then it's on to size.

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