Relieved face Happy and satisfied that an unsightly situation is finally over.
Boy The boy can stand for his own son.
Face with monocle A monocle is a sign of the upper class.
They visit us sometimes.Unicorn head A unicorn is a symbol of freedom, untamedness, self-fulfillment, and self-sufficiency.Pill A pill can help someone to get well again.Coffin A coffin represents a death or a funeral.Archived from the original on Thomas, David (1983).The sun makes you happy and invites you to go out.Raised Hand With a raised hand someone wants to attract attention.Es:Juego de niños (programa de televisión) País, Ediciones.Lightning Fire Fire expresses heat.It means: I am away and fast.Maple Leaf tv kijken op iphone gratis The maple leaf is a symbol of Canada."O que é uma palavra-valise?".

She's getting ready and pretty to go out.
But it can also stands for a love affair.
Four Leaf Clover A 4-leaf clover brings luck.
It lives in a cave and only comes out at night.Modern Hebrew is full of portmanteau blends, such as the following: 29 ( arpíakh, smog from ( arafél, fog) and ( píakh, soot) ( midrakhov, (pedestrian) promenade from ( midrakhá, footpath) and ( rekhóv, street) ( makhazémer, musical from ( makhazé, play noun) and (.Yen Bills Currency of Japan Euro Bills Currency of Europe British Pfund Bills Currency of Great Britain Moneybag A moneybad stands for a lot of money or gold.Face with steam from nose Very upset.Cheese Egg Fried egg The fried egg stands for a good breakfast.Face with raised eyebrow Expresses skepticism, can not believe what the other person is telling.