make your own kefir

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How to Make Homemade Water Kefir T12:05:0500:00 T10:56:4500:00 LowCarbAlpha.Timing and Temperature, there is a wide variety in the length of time the kefir is left to ferment.You could also pass spare culture on to a friend.For one thing, kefir is a living food and subject to a fair degree of natural variation and people have a range of tastes, so you'll find as many different ways of making kefir as there are people making.Some people like a lightly fermented kefir, they let it ferment for only 12 hours, others like it much stronger and more active and leave it for 2 or 3 days, past the point at which is separates into curds and whey.Do you have any favorite sugars, combinations or secondary ferment recipes that you would like to share?Water grains, though, are translucent, cauliflower-like and break apart relatively easy under stress.

By drinking fermented beverages, you will bring stability to your internal microflora.
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Use freshly cleaned hands, clean jars and clean non metallic implements.This post may be sponsored or contain affiliate links.As each new batch is ready it's added to the existing kefir in the main storage jar and then the lid goes.A glass jar, a non-metal stirring utensil, a breathable cover for the jar such as a tight-weave towel, butter muslin, paper towel, or paper coffee filter.Removing grains from finished milk legoland gunzburg korting kefir Use Your (Clean!) Fingers As your milk kefir grains grow in size, you may choose to remove the kefir grains by hand.Place in a warm spot, 68-85F, to culture.Coconut water is another excellent choice.Tap water will have chlorine, contaminants like toxic metal salts, hormones and pesticides and other chemicals, so treat it first.Water kefir produced from kefir grains is also known as sugar grains, Tibicos, Tibi, or Japanese water crystals.

No one sugar contains all of the vitamins and minerals required for the grains.
Not only that but the range of flavors you can experiment with are endless.
Which water to use?