make your own sweetened condensed milk

The cream adds a major dose of lactose for more flavorful browning, but more importantly, it prevents the milk from curdling as it cooks.
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Ok, I know this is a post about making your own condensed milkbut sometimes you want to have a can on hand for short notice.
Now, I fully understand the convenience of canned dairy, but in a world where so many of us routinely binge entire seasons of television in one sitting, let's not pretend we don't have the time.
They only need 6 ingredients and are so quick to make.Generally speaking, you'll want to bring homemade sweetened condensed milk to room temperature before use; most recipes are based on "room-temperature" canned goods, and a massive drop in temperature can adversely thicken or curdle batters and doughs.You can incorporate homemade sweetened condensed milk into your own favorite recipes as well, or use it as a simple sauce for other desserts and a sweetener for coffee or tea.(One can 14 ounces, which is 2 ounces shy of 2 cups.

Let's be clearthere's nothing wrong with the stuff in a can (though Max Falkowitz has proven that not all brands are created equal ).
My blender has number settings from 1 to 14 and I briefly dithered over what to use for High. .
It takes about 2 hours at very low heat to reduce to one cup of liquid.I tried mine out in a recipe for bars that Ive been making for years and it worked perfectly!If at first you dont succeed try, try, again.Store un-used sweetened condensed milk in the refrigerator.Use your own fav recipes, skip a suggestion and tell Real Plans all the foods you dont like/cant eat, and it will still do makkelijk slijm maken recept half the work of meal planning (or more) for you.

Again, havent tried it myself, but I dont see how it could hurt!
Take sweetened condensed milk.