5 Tap Add.
Sign IN, and enter your email address and password.
This will open the homepage.In the list, you would kortingscode driessen stoffen see an option "loop" with a tick mark.It's a folder-shaped icon at the bottom of the screen.It's a red circle with a white triangle.2, search for a video.Your selected video will now play on a loop until you close it or disable the loop option.It lets you change the speed in your loop without changing the pitch, and this works really well for things like learning an instrument.The app on iPhone doesn't support video loopingnor does the desktop site on iPhoneand there isn't a reliable, free app that will loop videos for you available.This downward-facing arrow is in the top-left corner of the video's window.Click on it and it would keuken maken van steigerhout toggle to "loop off" as the tick mark goes away.It should be at the top of the drop-down max factor make up test menu.Tap the video that you want to loop to open.

7 Tap and hold the video's window.
If you do need to log in, click.
9 Tap the "Minimize" icon.
Doing so will minimize the video.
Tap the downward-facing triangle icon to the right of your playlist's name in the grey bar that's just below the video's window.This will prompt a drop-down menu.This icon resembles a rectangle made of arrows, and is in the upper-left side of the options section.Article Summary.This will save your playlist.