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If I'm not mistaken, older versions of Windows did something very similar to speed up graphics operations, for example.
Now, what hackers and virus writers have been able to do jml slushy maker is exploit unpatched vulnerabilities that allow them to a) put what they want into data, and then b) trick the zelf porto maken met noten computer into executing that data as if it were code.
Click on the, settings button in the, performance section.
Click on, properties, click on the, advanced tab.
The result should look something like this: You can see that the program I specified has been added to the list of exceptions.Monoprice makes 3D printing accessible to all with a low cost-of-entry for everything you need to get started including printers, filament, and more.Configure Exceptions to DEP, if you have a program you know is legitimate that happens to cause DEP errors, you can add it to the list of exceptions.The text you're seeing?Some legitimate programs execute data as if it were code on purpose.I don't happen to have IrfanView, but I'll use Foxit Software's PDF reader as a random example: In this example the program was located in " C:Program FilesFoxit SoftwareFoxit ReaderFoxit Reader.The interactive transcript could not be loaded.As you can see in the image above, the default DEP setting is to "Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select.Rating is available when the video has been rented.The program you're looking for will, of course, be elsewhere, but most likely somewhere within "C:Program Files".Without getting into a lot of geeky details, it's sometimes an effective way to write very efficient code.

It's a very effective technique at blocking malware even if the vulnerability being exploited hasn't even been publicly exposed yet.
I'll show you how to turn it off, but then I'll tell you why you shouldn't and what you should do instead to solve your problem.
But as I said at the beginning, in my opinion, this isn't what you should.
Unfortunately not all programs are compatible with DEP.
That's all stored as numbers with each number representing a different letter or character.First let's be clear: Data Execution Prevention, or DEP, isn't something you "remove" or "get off your machine".This feature is not available right now.So, a much better way to get any legitimate program causing DEP errors to work again is to add that program to the exception list.Your image viewer should now work.But both code and data are stored as numbers.From that example we can draw an important distinction: there's "code or the instructions that tell a computer what to do, and there's "data the information that the computer works.That's one way they gain control of a machine and infect or otherwise compromise the machine.Since you mention viewing pictures, I'm guessing you were using an older version of IrfanView which was also known to do this.Data Execution Prevention, or DEP, can prevent certain types of malware exploits.