The Fantasia Revenge Fester Fish FF7: About Random Battles, a parody and mockumentary of a narrator teaching Cloud and.
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Dead End Dear Rabbit Death Battle Death Comes to Time Deathigner : A Taiwanese animated short about the children of the gods of the dead in world mythology.The content of Web Animation often varies greatly from animation seen on television.Rainbow Dash Futanari X Pinkie Pie game.MLP Sonic Zombie So This is Basically.Dad's Home and Dad's at Work Damaged The Damn Few : A military humor series by the military-themed website Ranger Up, featuring brave but vulgar talking animals.Brotherhood Workshop : lego stop-motion with high-quality and plenty of parody.Fighting Queen: Hentai fighting game.

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Minecraft: The N00b Adventures : A 2d animated, affectionate parody of both Minecraft's online playerbase and online gaming in general.
Christ Color Guardians : A spoof of magical girl fanime with the simplest animation you've ever seen.
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