money makes the world go round lyrics

Or P-G, your knees gon' turn the lights out.
Still nuttin' move but the money) Nothing but the money Money makes the world go round Yes it does Feels so good, yeah, yeah So good, this podium cadeaukaart inleveren life I finally live And feels so real So real this freedom I finally feel Show me the.
Ice in everything countin' Benjamins, all I wanna do try, and let you know.We came a long way, from wiping coal outta eyelids, to rap's hottest.Broke ass nigga, tryin' to make a bitch holla'.Hook, money makes the world go round'.When you poor, it's like life ain't even worth living.Some people want nothin out of life.Them silly beef raps, now they on another level, level.God it ain't my fault, if I shoot somebody.Money Makes The World Go Round.QB, chitown, money make the world go round.

Money is the reason I'm on the road State to state and pushin' on Money is the reason I don't come home Gotta stack this cake, so we can roll Money is the reason I lace my shoes Make us lose and pay these dues.
But when you rich, it's every fat ass worth hittin'.
If you don't believe, ask someone who's broke.
N.Y.'s finest with llamas and mo'.Throw that pack nigga, toss that trigger.Smokin' and drinkin' to ease the pain.And I don't need everything that you hearin' about.Anything I want, I can say it's mine.Tony Yayo, money make the world go round 3X, new York, money make the world go round.Or your drinking mate gonna take my fate Money is what you need To make the world go round and round (My friend and) In this world nothing's free For Money Makes The World Go Round!Jake jump out, you see heads and elbows.Go money money makes the world go round.