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Step 2: The left side is for viewing video and the right is where all editing takes place.
Click the "Play" button below the movie's preview window on the left side of the Windows music designed to make you sleep Movie Maker window.
Again select Edit Split, and you can delete the unwanted section.
If you need to speed the video up or down, do it from Edit Speed.Convert Video File Format, the Windows Movie Maker tends to support a variety of media (video, audio and photo) file formats for uploading purposes.This will prompt the Windows Essentials terms of use window to open.Music tools helps with soundtrack editing.Step 2: Animations are used well for transitions.Click Yes when prompted.You can also do transitions.

You can now proceed with using Windows Movie Maker.
7 Make sure that each file is edited to your liking.
Click the clip and hit open.
How To Edit a Video Like a Pro Using Windows Movie Maker.Then go up to Options Set End Point.Click on this button, and Windows Movie Maker will automatically add a Credits screen to the very end of your movie.Remember to use the mp4 format usually.Right click and hit Split.Speed up or slow down the video with Edit Speed.You will also notice that the taskbar up top has changed, giving you options for formatting the text and transition effects for the title screen.This can easily be done by selecting the individual picture on the overview and then changing the Duration within the Edit toolbar on the top of the screen.