It can also download all artwork for the media.
Nfo f:MyMoviesAvatar (2009)Avatar (2009) cd1.
The following managers can be found in the Kodi forum: Further information, screenshots and guides are available at the websites of the Media Managers.See examples after step 5 Save the file in accordance with the naming convention as detailed on the linked Movie/TV Show/Music Video pages.Nfo f:MyMoviesBig Buck Bunny (2008)video_tsvideo_TS.3.2 Kodi Created nfo This option requires that your library has already been scraped with metadata.title opening tag my movie title metadata /title closing tag Available tags are listed in the relevant sub-pages listed in sections 5-8.Ansi, has also been known to work.Het is belangrijk om eerst de handleiding.Kodi also contains a Local- NFO windows 10 lid maken van domein -only mode for when you add videos to the library, but this mode is only required if you want to prevent online lookups for videos that lack NFO files.As an example, searching for The Mummy on tmdb returns 65 titles.Once created, pdf maker from word the file must be saved with the nfo extension in accordance with the details in the relevant sub-page listed in sections 5-8.There is no special procedure to scrape nfo clear"true" name /name role /role order /order thumb /thumb /actor No Yes The order tag determines where in the list the actor will appear.

An example use would be to override data from the scraper site such as the title, runtime, movieset etc.
Does not apply to Music.
It can also be used infographic maken in powerpoint to control the search behaviour of scrapers.
Media Managers are known to be slow in catching up to these changes, or these changes may never be incorporated.
XML Tag Exported in Single File Exported in Separate File Notes file /file Yes No path /path Yes No Yes No Yes No art fanart /fanart poster /poster /art Yes No Page updated for v17.An example: Cannot be used for Episode nfo files movie title Star Wars (1977 Original Theatrical Release) /title runtime 121 min.It may also include the name of the media manager, if one was used to create it, or any information relevant to you.The file must be saved in this format.Once the program has been setup and pointed at your media, very little input is required by the /movie, tvshow /tvshow, artist /artist, album /album or Between the opening and closing category tags are the tags for the media metadata.

Normally used for TV Shows studio clear"true" /studio No Yes Supports "clear" attribute No No Path to movie trailer fileinfo streamdetails video codec /codec aspect /aspect width /width height /height /video audio codec /codec /audio subtitle /subtitle /streamdetails /fileinfo No Yes Multiple entries of audio.