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You can input it manually or import it from a Google spreadsheet or Excel sheet.
This vizzard is an intuitive online pie chart maker.
5 / 5 stars.Example: Total spending by windows live movie maker download offline category.Explore the options of the tab appearance to customize and optimize the display of labels, values, and lines.Heres how they differ: Pie chart, compares the values of categories as part of the whole, displaying angle-size differences.When using percentages, make sure all segments add up to 100.

Irregular pie chart, compares data through differences in the length of the radius of each segment.
You can make a pie chart in 5 easy steps : Join Infogram to make your own pie chart.
Have more questions about the appropriate type of chart to use?
Custom connectors and labels, exploded segments, optional sorting by value.
Check out make friends around the world this article.Semi-circle pie chart - As the name suggests, it is half of a pie chart, yet still represents parts of a whole.Visit our blog post to learn the dos and donts of pie charts, where you will find out how to make them effective and all about their best alternatives like the bar chart or the multiple pies chart.Add a name or number to each segment of your pie chart to make it easier to read.Learn more how to create interactive content with Infogram.Select a pie chart type (pie, semi-circle, doughnut, irregular).How to make a pie chart with Vizzlo?Example: Quantity of cars sold by region.View more examples of pie charts.

Chart, and more, cloud architecture design tool: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM, Oracle, Alibaba, Tencent Data visualization: Dashboard and charts ( Column, line, pie, doughnut, area, scatter, bubble, radar, heat map, etc) Powerful Flowchart, Infographic, Floor plan, Mind map and Venn diagram tool Process Map.
The pie chart is widely used in newsrooms, business, and educational contexts to present the composition of demographic data, statistical numbers, market shares, etc., at a glance.
Choose from our selection of pie charts, from full circles to ring shapes, flat or isometric.