AMD Driver Autodetect, xBoot, gadwin PrintScreen, easyTune.
Added option to access a list of modern UI applications from the Start8 Start menu.
Added support for sleep function on Surface 3 and similar devices.
Enterprise Server only - Fixed deactivate issue where client licenses were not properly freed up on the server.Include new custom start button orbs.Change Default Orb (to.1 style) - Full automatic install.Silent install mode.Saved Custom themes.Windows 7 Logon Background Changer.5.2.Again fixed Russian language!Start8.40.1 -.51 MB, start8.40 patch -.88 MB, start8.31 patch -.84.Start8.45 Repack PainteR -.07 MB, start8.41 Repack PainteR -.53 MB, start8.41 patch -.87.Installer Start8 include 25 localizations.Updates for compatibility with Windows 10 - Updates for latest activation binaries - Supports Windows.1 Update - New SAS modules.Start8.31 Repack PainteR -.49 MB, start8.30-1 Repack PainteR -.46 MB, start8.20 patch -.92.

Win RTM compatibility.
Veeg vanaf de rechterkant van het scherm en tik vervolgens op Zoeken.
Als de installatie of het verwijderen gelukt is, hebt u het probleem opgelost.
Volg De computer zodanig instellen dat deze normaal opstart om de computer zo in te stellen dat deze weer.
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