41 The PSP remake reached #6 in the Japanese sales chart during abonnement tijdschrift kado its first week of release, selling 62,721 units.
39 The original audio was lauded by Bartholow, stating the voice acting "added dimension to the already-excellent characterizations and called the music "almost always appropriate and exciting" with its blending of rock and techno music genres.
As they collect the crystal skulls, all the party but Jun confront Shadow Selves, manifestations of their suppressed insecurities.
It dropped to #11 by the following week, selling a further 10,400 units.
Development on, innocent Sin began after the release of the original.33 Reception edit Reception In its year of release, Innocent Sin reached #62 in the Japanese sales charts, selling 274,798 copies.A b c d Persona World Guidance.Herkent u zich helemaal in onze persoonlijke aanpak, of kent.Archived from the original on Retrieved 2 February 2016.

40 GameSpot 's Peter Bartholow, reviewing the original, gave the game similar praise, saying " Innocent Sin 's story is darker, stranger, and more involving than most of the fluffy fantasy fare crowding today's marketplace." 6 This opinion was generally shared by Carolyn Petit.
28 Music edit The music for Innocent Sin was composed by Toshiko Tasaki, Kenichi Tsuchiya, Masaki Kurokawa.
Its corporate mascot is Jack Frost, a snowman-like enemy from their.Once the star comes to a complete halt, the Maia Maiden's heart stops with.Je stelt in iedere fase meetbare doelen, zodat ook per fase het succes (of het ontbreken daarvan) zichtbaar wordt.A b "Atlus Online Open For Business".A number of Megami Tensei games have not been released in North America.7 McCarroll commented that many of the remake's faults stemmed from the expectations for an RPG when the original was released.They are eventually brought into conflict with the executives of the Masked Circle, a cult led by the Joker who are gathering Ideal Energy using assigned crystal skills.9 A key element of the story is the Oracle of Maia, a prophecy foretelling of a series of events which will lead to the world's end during a planetary conjunction called the Grand Cross.Archived (PDF) from the original on 27 September 2013.In June 2013, it was reported that Index Corporation filed for civil rehabilitation proceedings, facing bankruptcy with debts.5 billion.