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PlayStation Awards 2013, platinum Prize 100 100DL, v PS3, gold Prize 50 50DL, pS3/PSP.
Read More sony and Naughty Dog have had to delay the PlayStation 4s next big exclusive title, Uncharted 4, once again.
Read More shuhei Yoshida, president of worldwide studios at Sony Computer Entertainment, compares PlayStation VR platform to the original PlayStation and claims that in 20 years time virtual reality experience will evolve as dramatically as 3D games have evolved since the original PlayStation.
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S PlayStation 4 video game system, but fortunately the hard drive of PS4 is user upgradeable.XIV: PS Persona 4 golden5 PS Vita atlus USA (Index Digital Media) PS3 soul sacrifice PS Vita The Last of Us PS3 PS Vita/PSP PS3/PS Vita killzone: mercenary PS Vita V PS3 PS3/PS Vita beyond: Two Souls PS3 1 2 PlayStation PlayStationPlayStation 4 Platinum PrizeGold Prize 5 .Read More no matter the consensus on Sonys E3 2018 panel, The Last of Us: Part II provided an incredibly strong kortingsbonnen belgie voeding opening.Fortnite: Battle Royale will be the first game to receive the treatment, becoming the first title in history to allow players on all consoles.As a developer, I am super-excited about the potential.According to a new report, this wont slow the hybrid console down from overtaking competition, with Switch likely outselling the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2019.Read More sonys PlayStation 4 has hit its biggest milestone so far this year, surpassing its predecessor in terms of total lifetime sales.Read More to celebrate the upcoming launch of action adventure game, Nier: Automota, Sony is launching a special edition of its PlayStation 4 console with a creepy looking cover.Nonetheless, the company announced plans to reduce the price of its PlayStation 4 starting from the 1st of October.

The final entry in Nathan Drakes story was originally due to release last year but was pushed back to March this year.
Sony Computer Entertainment managed to sell whopping Read More » Advanced Micro Devices recently started to design its third semi-custom accelerated processing unit for an undisclosed customer.
Read More sony Computer Entertainments PlayStation 4 system is the fastest selling game console in history.
Razers Raiju Series of controllers didnt seem to live up to the hype created by its Wildcat and Wolverine brands, with reports of connectivity issues on PlayStation.
Best Seller: Monster Hunter Portable 2nd.Read More playStation has remained notoriously abstinent towards cross-platform play, with comments from outside the organisation condemning the firm for its closed market.Read More the transition from PC to Xbox hasnt been the smoothest ride for PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds, with pubg Corp releasing a documentary on the journey to both enlighten and to celebrate the games impending full release onto Xbox One.Read More rumours of pubgs arrival on PlayStation 4 have been rampant since the battle royale title landed on Xbox One last year, with hopes building once again in August.Masterpiece Prize: Dragon Quest V, character Action Prize: Dissidia Final Fantasy.S Xbox One are strong in the.S., in Europe the situation is different and sales of the platform are rather low.Microsoft admits that it has issues in Europe and needs to somehow improve sales of its game consoles in the region.Unveiled its project Morpheus early last year, it was clear that the company was very serious about equipping its PlayStation 4 video game console with a virtual reality head-mounted display.Company of the Year: Capcom, game of the Year: Monster Hunter Portable 2nd.Firmware.50 introduces several changes to the user interface and makes the PS4 Pro updates to some games useful for those who dont own a 4K resolution display.

The firm has apologised for not living up to its usual high standard, releasing firmware that should combat the reported latency.
Read More constrained amount of internal storage is one of the major limitations of Sony Corp.
We need to Read More » This year Sony Corp.