You can also take a screenshot with the palm swipe feature.
Even though we are talking about three different phones in this tutorial, the important bits for for doing screen captures, ( the button zelf jam maken zonder geleisuiker layout ) is the same on all three.
So let me show you how.
Most smartphones of today has the ability to do this.
So youve reached a new level in a mobile game.Swipe your hand across the screen to do a print screen.Samsung is a registered trademark of Samsung Electronics., Ltd.Ask the Community Browse answers, ask questions and get solutions from other Samsung customers.Press the Power button and home button at the same time.Order support Social Support Contact us on Twitter yels kortingscode or Facebook and we'll reply with an answer to your question or issue.Unfortunately our phones does not have a dedicated button for this feature like we do on our computers.You could even start editing the image right then and there.If you dont have a shortcut to your gallery on the home screen, open the apps drawer and locate the gallery app inside.To take a screenshot on your phone, press and hold the.How would you like to contact us?User guides, richard Goodwin 12:28, we've all used Print Screen or Command Shift 3 on our PC or Mac to take a snapshot of our workspace for sharing or posterity.

View the Screenshot, to view your screenshots at any time, navigate.
Please tell us why.
Chat with a Samsung representative to get an immediate response or send us an email and we will get back to you within 24 hours Email Chat Now mobilephonesgalaxy-s Need Help?The screen will flash, indicating a screenshot was captured.You can take a screenshot on all kinds of Android handsets; Google hardwired the function into Android back in 2011.If you took a lot of screenshots or you removed the thumb from the notification area, you can find the newly created images in your gallery app.Please take our brief survey.Alternatively, if you want to make use of the Galaxy S3's lush screen to take a screenshot you can simply drag your whole hand across the screen from right to left; just make sure you cover the whole display or it won't work!It is something that is quite easy to do once you know how.Here's how it's done on the Samsung Galaxy S3: Grab your Samsung Galaxy.

Finding your newly made screen dump is an easy enough task once you know where it got stored.
It's a function which is massively underrated and can be incredibly helpful, especially when using online forums for technical assistance, or trying to show friends and colleagues your latest achievement on your favourite game.
This way can be very helpful if you have your phone in a case or cover since they can partly obscure access to the power button in particular.