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With every instrument he completed, he tried to reach as high a standard of both tonal and visual finishing as possible.
In the photo, you'll see a fretted fingerboard down the left side of the instrument (this is considered the bottom side because it faces the player when on the playing table).
To date, no luthier seems to be able to identify the type of wood used for the back and sides (the top is rosewood).The range of instruments offered by The Paris Workshop and Gerald Self are the result of 40 years experience and research, initiated by Wolfgang Zuckermann, developed by David Jacques Way, and now continued by Marc Ducornet and Emmanuel Danset in Paris.Over the years Gerald Self has worked with both ZHI kit parts and with materials made especially for him by David Way.It has the Dusty Strings characteristic bright, full sound, tuning stability, even string tension, and meticulous craftmanship.In 1885 Schwarzer invented the harp-zither, new smoothie maker a different body style featuring a pillar (a harp-like column) inserted into the exaggerated s-curve on the far side.He can also deliver any instrument from the Atelier Marc Ducornet catalogue, custom-built in Paris to your specifications.The Third Man, which was the first and last anyone ever heard.While virtually all vintage instruments need some work, this piece required substantial restoration of the soundboard, inlay and binding, and some delicate gluing of the hand-carved ebony mermaid.Gerald Self is currently an Associate of Marc Ducornet and The Paris Workshop.He has spent time in Stonington with David Way, and he has made five trips to Europe to study original instruments.Our Most Popular Package has Black Body with Natural Soundboard, Neck and Pillar CD26 Case and Base with Legs.

And if you think it's a nightmare to play, try tuning one - you have to use a little wrench on the twenty - to forty-plus strings.
They also make a bass zither, and that's simply going too far.
Yet according to zither players, it is the most perfect musical instrument ever designed - versatile and expressive, with a range nearly as great as the piano - and they will tell you this in no uncertain terms (don't worry, your chances of meeting.
The Ravennas innovative design and construction techniques (patent pending) allow Dusty Strings to incorporate more features than are typically found in harps in this price range.
This began his long association with David Way and Zuckermann harpsichords.The bowed zither may seem strange, but is exactly what it appears to be - a violin for zitherists.For these ensemble purposes, they even make different sized and pitched zithers - like the quint, tuned a fifth higher than the prime zither, and the elegy, or alto, tuned a fourth below the prime.While in Missouri, you can visit the Franz Schwarzer zither exhibit in the state museum, because Missouri is where this award-winning zither maker set up shop around 1870.Stave-back soundbox for playing comfort, made of high-grade laminated European birch, Neck and pillar of solid ash.Their in-depth study of original instruments in museums around the world ensures excellent tonal response in each model.Harpsichord builder, harpsichord maker, keyboard, early keyboard instruments, harpsichord, classical, baroque, paris workshop, clavecin, cembalo, spinet, virginal, fortepiano, clavichord, kit instruments, keyboard tuning, harpsichord kit, atelier, marc ducornet, gerald self, instrument, music Gerald Self built his first harpsichord in 1972, an early Zuckermann basic kit.Gerald Self, harpsichord maker, has been custom-building fine musical instruments since 1972.In his radio program, Gerald Self explores the very best in early classical music and details the history of the music and discusses the rare instruments on which the music is played.He is also an active member of the Texas Bach vvv cadeaubon ruilen voor giftcard Choir.

Our most popular package with C, F B Levers 1335.00, our most popular package with Loveland levers on all 26 strings is 1575.00.
In addition to his harpsichord work,.