Speaking in Jackson, Mississippi, Mr Farage drew on parallels between Mr Trump's bid for the White House and that of the Brexit campaign's "people's army of ordinary citizens which he said engaged successfully with the public prior to the UK's EU referendum vote.
During the campaign there were warnings from the Remain side about the economic impact of leaving, while the Leave side suggested the UK would be able to take back control of immigration and the 350m a week they said the UK sent to the.
Mr Renzi said the UK's vote to leave the EU was sad, but he hoped "some good would come of it".
It includes teenagers, cash-dependent people, and those with bad credit scores.
Sir Julian King, a career civil servant and former ambassador to France, will spearhead EU co-operation on terrorism, organised crime and cyber-security.Guntrum Wolff of the Bruegel Institute told the BBC: "If both sides take a confrontational stance, they will both lose." Mr Wolff also said the possibility of another EU member country following the UK's Brexit lead is unlikely, though there were causes for concern including.The prime minister has billed wehkamp cadeaubon waar te koop it as underlining skin make up hillegom the importance of "building on the strong fundamentals of the British economy and ensuring that everyone who works hard is able to enjoy wage growth, job security and opportunities to progress".The company - which includes Thomson and Hapag-Lloyd cruises - said there had been "no apparent slowdown" in UK bookings following the Brexit vote.Her discussions with Slovakian counterpart Robert Fico and Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo are among the toughest she has had yet, given the priority attached by the two countries to maintaining free movement of labour between the EU and the.Image copyright Nick Obank As part of The Sun's campaign to bring back the blue passport it has taken to the streets of London with a giant model of how it might look, reporting that it found "Brits only too happy to give the plan.The paper says the men it calls the "three Brexiteers" - Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, International Trade Secretary Liam Fox and "Brexit" secretary David Davis - "have never had a close political affinity".Thursday 4 August Image copyright Getty Images The main event: The Bank of England has cut UK interest rates for the first time since March 2009 from.5.25 - an historic low.The commission is investigating tax deals granted to US companies for setting up headquarters in Europe and is expected to deliver a decision on Apple next month.But you can read more with the BBC's easy-to-understand guide on what happens now that the UK has voted to leave the European Union, or catch up on what has actually happened so far.The government said the fact the public finances were in surplus showed the economy was in a "position of strength" to face post-referendum challenges.The Sun observes that the Queen's former communications secretary, James Roscoe, has been appointed an adviser to Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, and the Daily Mail features former minister Anna Soubry's opinion that the Remain campaign made a "terrible mistake" in not taking immigration concerns seriously.

Since Poland joined the EU in 2004, hundred of thousands have moved to Britain, either temporarily or permanently, and Poles in the UK send back several billion pounds a year to their home country.
After Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said that "putting Boris in charge of the country is like putting the Chuckle Brothers in charge of Newsnight the BBC programme did exactly that.
Labour MP Gisela Stuart is to head a cross-party inquiry, for the British Future think tank, which will examine what kind of legal status could be granted to EU citizens in the.
The data also showed that investment by businesses unexpectedly rose compared with the previous three months.The UK's jobless total fell by 52,000.64 million and the unemployment rate remained.9.But a spokesman for Mr Juncker today refused to divulge details to BBC political reporter Adam Fleming, saying: "You will have to ask him if the BBC is." Friday 29 July The main event: All eyes are on the surprise delay in the.Researchers looked at the data gathered by the polling organisation YouGov and have drawn up lists of the brands which are most highly regarded or used by Leave and Remain voters.Mrs May has said the UK must focus on the "opportunities" on offer outside the EU as she reiterated there would be no second referendum.However, he added that "the probability of us not leaving is very, very low".

Also in the news: New Secretary of State James Brokenshire is on a fortnight's tour of Northern Ireland to canvass public opinion on the implications of Brexit.