Adam Speigel of Santa Rosa, CA asks: Does it make you sore that The Saga Begins didnt make it to landingsplaats ooievaar maken #1.
Wheres Davy Jones staying?
That particular episode was directed by Tobe Hooper and featured Laraine Newman and the late, great Dick Shawn.Now, unfortunately, thats not going to happen.This Guy of Somewhere, USA asks: When you were Penn Tellers Sin City Spectacular, I noticed you were having a bit of trouble hitting the high notes on The Night Santa Went Crazy.Lawas a hot-tempered short-order fry cook who sexually molests retarded women.Ive always loved those cars.I just didnt want to take any votes away from more qualified candidates, like Gallagher.Are those my only two choices?Homely Bubert of Santa Rosa, CA asks: Hey, Al!Did something Deliverance-like happen?He was actually supposed to leave the stage after The Saga Begins, but I guess he decided to hang out for Yoda as well so we had a little fun with him.Linda Shah of Vienna, VA asks: Dear Al, How did your make your own mr potato head parents meet?

Alex Rose of Los Angeles, CA asks: Greetings,.
Oh yeah, everybody was pretty jealous of me after that.
Ive read some old not-too-friendly reviews, but its still my favorite movie.
Chris Jones.
What are/were your parents occupations?Gee, I never noticed that before!I got several compilation CDs of Truck Driving Songs when I was doing research for Truck Drivin Song, and.W.Whats up with all the sauerkraut?s 9 10 Abigail Atkinson).