To remove a line, just touch the line with the eraser cursor, and the line disappears.
In a consistent manner.
The other options on the Paste dialog menu are Merge Formatting, which changes the text format to match the file into which you pasted the spreadsheet, and Keep Text Only, which pastes the text without the Excel grid, meaning you will likely have to realign.
Select the cells that you want, including their end-of-cell marks.Under Table Tools, on the Layout tab, click the Rows Columns Dialog Box Launcher.But make your own pop ups if you do this, when you convert the table to text, it misplaces all the data.See the Layout and Design section below for details regarding these options.Compatibiliteitsproblemen met Excel-tabellen, een Excel-tabel exporteren naar SharePoint.

Microsoft now provides five different methods for creating tables: the Graphic Grid, Insert Table, Draw Table, insert a new or existing Excel Spreadsheet table, and Quick Tables, plus an option for converting existing text into a table.
Control where a table is divided.
Eraser button to remove lines with the eraser cursor.
Dont worry about crooked lines, eitherWord straightens them as you draw.
Select, and then click, select Table.Under, table Tools, click the, design tab.Place your cursor on the first cell in the grid and slide it down and over until you highlight (for this example) four columns and five rows, then click once.To view the gridlines, remove the borders.In the Table group, click Select, and then click Select Table.Insert Table, click, insert Tables Insert Table from the dropdown menu.U kunt een tabel maken en opmaken om gegevens visueel te groeperen en analyseren.In the Table group, click Properties, and then click the Row tab.Notice the top menu has changed to an Excel menu for edits.You can continue using Excel and its menus and commands, but after you enter your data it converts to a non-editable graphic.