Put them all in the crafting table.
Right-click the table (PC tap the table (PE or press the left trigger while facing the table (consoles).
Make sure you right clicked, if it still doesn't work re-check your steps, also make sure you have no mods.
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Submit sinterklaasgedichten op cadeau Tips You can use up to seven different firework stars at once when crafting a rocket.
If you're crafting green or blue dye, hoe maak je een koe open the furnace instead.
Yes, when putting your first firework star in with the gunpowder and paper, you are able to add a second firework star.The crafting table interface will open.Soms zijn er voor een probleem wel vijf oplossingen mogelijk.If you're smelting dye, you'll need some wood planks or coal for your furnace.2 Place the paper in the crafting table.In Minecraft PE, tap the dye, then tap your inventory.

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