It supports images, audios and videos.
Quick Results, work on many photographs at the same time so you get done sooner.
Batch Editing, watermark hundreds of files at once.With it, people cannot only produce video in the aspect ratio of traditional 16:9, 4:3, but also in 9:16, 3:4 and 1:1, which makes it quite convenient and easy to share videos on social networking apps like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, etc.Navigate to Theme on the right side then select a template to apply to the video.Export the final video if it is okay with the quality and format you want.There is virtually no difference between the edited and the original picture.We create videos for many reasons sharing fun, recording the details of life, making a greeting for friends, creating educational tutorials, or for promoting a product, and.It works from within your web browser.Start Watermarking Free, no credit card required.A quick peek at some of our powerful features.When it comes to exporting the video, it also gives you freedom to choose your preferred quality.

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Due to its clean and super easy interface, people can get hold of it in a very short time.
Once all files are imported, youll find them in the My media and you can drag them into the timeline.
It can not only let us make a video, but also create a split-screen video.After that, we can apply transitions, add effects, put music and add captions to the video via the functions in the toolbar.You can select the font, position and other options from the menu on the left.Even though these requirements are reasonable, I dont think you will like them.IMovies interface is straightforward, it is not too hard to use it even if it is the first time we use.Different from the first tool, this program supports the uploading of both pictures and videos.To use this web tool to make a video, visit its official site first on your computer, mobile phones or tablets.