what makes a diamond sparkle

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A round super-ideal cut is the best diamond and exhibits the most brilliance.
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Round diamonds are also the most expensive, followed frosting maken voor taart by oval, marquise, and asscher.Here's an overall ranking of price: Round : most expensive Oval, marquise, and pear : these elongated stones take skill to cut Asscher : pricier because a lot more material is lost when making it Princess and Radiant : these square/rectangular shapes don't waste.We own all of our loose diamonds.Round diamonds are the priciest - due to demand and the loss of rough material during crafting.Tip : For optimal light performance, look for an emerald diamond with a table percentage of 53-65 and a depth percentage of 56-65.This is the shape for true romantics.They also exhibit the bow-tie effect and the pointed tips trap more color.

Watch out : It's easy to chip the pointed, delicate tip of the teardrop.
I wanted a heart shaped diamond but when we found out that you lose so much of the stone and get so little for a heart shape, we settled on an Emerald cut.
"Science News Online - This Week - News Feature - 5/17/97".Estimate price : For a 1 carat ideal-cut, H, VS2 princess cut diamond, price is 3,700 - 4,500.If you want a white-looking diamond, we advise going 1 or 2 color grades.The grading report cannot tell you the final shape of the diamond.A simple solitaire or bezel setting is the idea showcase, though a thin pavé band or custom halo will work well, too.View : Round Cut Diamonds on James Allen Princess Cut (Click Image to Enlarge) Princess cut diamonds are stylish and contemporary, yet feminine and delicate.Because it takes the best of each, the radiant cut diamond displays incredible brilliance, fire, and scintillation.New York City jeweler Josh Fishman, our owner, is a third-generation diamond expert (a " diamantaire" ) who relies on the knowledge gained from his father and grandfather before him and his own 30 years of experience.

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