Employers often include this question to identify what skills or qualities make you a better fit for the role than other candidates they might be interviewing.
Why interviewers ask What makes you unique?
Take a moment and think about this.It's rare to find someone who is both.For example, in name a situation, I took name the action you took and got name the results you gotagain, in the form of numbers, dollars, or percentages if you can.Think about what makes you valuable to have in this role and why its valuable.Is is your sense of humor, your well-thought-out opinions of the Obama presidency, or the way you can put together the cutest outfit ever?And I can't leave my apartment, no matter how late I am, until dashboard maken in excel 2010 my bed is made.In my last job, I created a new system for task assignments that streamlined our productivity and improved it.Similar to the answer above, this answer is a good one if you're attempting to switch industries.Instead of trying to identify a feature that distinguishes you from all other applicants, focus instead on why hiring you would benefit the employer.Additionally, including a personality trait in your answer allows you to display how you're a good fit for a role in which you have little prior experience.

The interview question, "What makes you unique?" is not an opportunity to confess weird habits or odd quirks.
Those are the qualities you want to draw attention to, and now is the time to brag about them.
You are the only one who has your exact combination of the 30 ingredients that define your potential.
Notice what makes you feel authentic.Your uniqueness is what others will relate.It's a chance to provide the interviewer with insight into how you'd be the best candidate for a role, while proving you're someone who can think on her feet.Sounds like youre a great leader/inspirer/motivator.Just as no two snowflakes are alike, you are like no one else.To help you find an answer to this ancient and universal question, we offer a new way of looking at things.They will be a great reminder when you ask, What makes me unique?It's critical, however, that you provide specific examples of how your prior experience has provided you with certain transferrable skills.

(Are you being shut OUT of the hiring process?
What makes me unique, and how do I figure out what it is?